Join the Blockchain Ecosystem and take advantage

of already successful applications of blockchain technology.


Through The Blockchain Ecosystem, companies will enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Reduced costs for blockchain research by:
    • Leveraging other research partner sponsorship.

    • Sharing overhead costs of research administration.

  2. Access to provincial and federal government research funding opportunities.
  3. Minimized risk associated with blockchain research by:

    • Associating with world leaders in blockchain research and development.

    • Partnering with leading research organizations and universities.

  4. Access to highly sought-after trained interns, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

  5. Lasting business relations with leading blockchain and related companies.

  6. Access to a network of research partners and scientists undertaking cutting-edge blockchain research within B.C., across Canada and worldwide.

  7. Access to and ability to influence emerging blockchain standards.

  8. Leveraging existing open value networks on blockchain technology to co-create and aggregate value through lateral and large scale coordination, cooperation and collaboration. 



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