BC Blockchain Calendar

The spike in global interest in blockchain throughout 2017 has led to a thriving events calendar in the Vancouver ecosystem.

In coordination with Blockchain@UBC and the BC Blockchain Forum, Frontier Foundry as a founding partner of the Blockchain Ecosystem Society of BC  has created a "meta-calendar" as a community tool for coordinating the growing number of blockchain focused events in Vancouver. 

Some additional information about the BC Blockchain Calendar is below. 

Organized by Community Groups

  • As the calendar grows, the different community groups will be assigned sub-calendars, color coded by topic, etc.
  • To view the events by "Community Group", click the double-arrow icon at the top left corner of the calendar. 

Add you own event

  • Anyone is welcome to add. Click on your event date, inside the pop-up box add your event details, make sure you comply with the guidelines, then hit Publish. 

Guidelines. Events must:

  • be physically located in British Columbia (no ephemeral "ICO Launch" announcements!); 
  • relate to blockchain or other disruptive technologies; and
  • include either a hyperlink to a full event page with more details elsewhere, or a direct email to contact the organizer.

Please Note: Your event will be entered into the Public Calendar sub-group and cannot be edited once you hit publish. Please ensure all the details are correct! Contact us with any questions about this calendar.

The BC Blockchain Calendar can also be found at this link.