Do you have a project which you individually support, or have a group of partners that you would like to work with, on a specific project? In that case, it makes sense to channel funds through the Society in order to be able to leverage your research sponsorship with provincial and federal government funding. The amount of sponsorship will depend on the nature of the project, and the level of commitment you would like to make. We can help you scope the project to identify methods, deliverables, researchers, and the level and nature of financial commitment.

Affiliates and Sponsors

Are you interested in supporting the growth of British Columbia’s tech sector and contributing to the development of Intellectual Property, but don’t have a specific project? The consortium pools donations from sponsors to apply to open value projects, such as education and training, or projects producing shared IP. If you are interested in this option, we are happy to discuss it with you.

Small-Medium Sized Enterprises

Even a small contribution can be pooled with other enterprises that may share your interest in a particular project that can advance all of your ventures. SMEs are often cash-poor at the early stages of development, with little funds to sponsor research which might help them break through to the next level. If this sounds familiar, your business could benefit from pooling resources to leverage the cash that you have and access top-talent to solve a collective problem that will take your venture to the next level. We can help match your needs with other partners to enable you to maximize even a small contribution. 


HOW DO I Become a Partner?

If you would like to partner with us, contact our team about any of our affiliate tiers