The Blockchain Ecosystem is a new industry consortium set up to research, develop and commercialize the latest blockchain applications and technologies in order to establish B.C. as a hub for new and emerging blockchain technologies.


Our Mission

The Blockchain Ecosystem brings together a network of alliances, including major tech companies, small-to-medium sized enterprises, universities, government, and community partners to develop and transform the latest technical and academic knowledge relating to blockchain technology into practical solutions that will enhance British Columbia’s global competitiveness, establish B.C as a preferred location for new blockchain ventures and lead to a greater diffusion of the latest in blockchain technologies and applications.

The Blockchain Ecosystem assists in advancing technological capabilities and building stronger relationships between B.C. and international firms engaged in blockchain tech, as well as, blockchain software and services providers.

The Blockchain Ecosystem catalyzes industry led multiple and single partner research projects that are performed at various locations across B.C. at industry, research laboratory and university locations leveraging the most appropriate expertise and capabilities to complete the project using leveraged research dollars to extend the impact of sponsorship.

The Blockchain Ecosystem supports and promotes education and training in blockchain technology for the development of highly qualified personnel needed to support research, development and commercialization of blockchain technology.